Frequently asked questions

What is the Pirate API?

The Pirate API (Pirate Application Programming Interface) is a central repository for basic information about Pirate Parties around the world. Through using the API your information about Pirate Parties will always be up to date.

Why was the Pirate API developed?

It will act as a central source of information that can be kept up to date easily. By using an API everyone will have updated information when displaying it. The API enables a lot of creative uses when constructing other integrations of the information.

Where can I get help?

  1. Read this FAQ
  2. Try to find the answer to your question in:
    1. API documentation
    2. API Integrations
    3. Data specification
  3. If you can't find the answer to your question on the web, you can email one of the moderators

How can I update the information? How do I file a bug or a feature request?

  1. Do a pull request on GitHub. This is the fastest way. One of the moderators will confirm the data validity of the request and merge the data once approved.
  2. Send an e-mail to This method is slower, suggestion will be reviewed and changed when accepted. Please include the exact data and the reasons for the change.

Why isn't 'xyz' in the API?

Give us a pull-request on Github and we will add it. Another (much slower) way is sending an email or commenting on this post. Try and provide as much additional information as possible.

Can we add 'xyz' as a new category?

Maybe. If the new category will be used by a lot of people and can be kept updated. If you want to add a new category (or sub-category) it helps if you can gather this information for as many parties as possible before asking to add it.

Who can access the Pirate API?

Everyone. Information is for sharing. Use it, develop on top of it and share back to others that might be interested.

Where is the API used?

The main usage is here at where it is displayed as THE registry of Pirate Parties. Take a look at the API integrations for how people have used it. If you know about any usage not listed then please let us know. If you build your own integration we will add it to the list.

I developed 'xyz' using this API, now what?

Great! Let us know so we can help and spread it to people that might be interested in using it!

Who created this API?

The information was gathered by Josef @collentine and coded mainly by Rok Andrée.